Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's thoughts.

Today i begin typing down what i have previously written in a notebook that i keep my thoughts in (i am rather forgetful). Today's entry is from Jun 17th, 2010

-- I am going to cease my entries on the computer in favor of pencil and paper. There is a satisfaction that comes from writing upon a piece of paper that does not come from typing. Perhaps it is the thought of the countless hands that are doing and have done eactly what i am doing right now. Sometimes I wish I did not take such simple pleasures for granted; however, it is human nature and I know that I will do just that as soon as something else catches my attention. Perhaps I will write more often from now on. Things seem to be going the way i expect them to be going again, and i can further my life after this summer is over. This summer is critical though; I have many things I wish to accomplish that will efect how I choose to move after I get my carpenter's license. --

I am omitting the rest of this entry because its a bit contradictory for my tastes. Needless to say, at that point in my life i was different. I have changed since then, and I realized that people are much more deceptive than even i had expected them to be.

New post on Wednesday, should be a little more interesting.

~ M


  1. just to see ur doing well. keep it up. :) :*

  2. keep it going!